While we do incorporate the use of many natural products, “An Organic Approach” refers to a variety of practices and problem-solving when considering options for pest eradication and prevention. Many times, the incorporation of an exclusionary application or habitat modification is a more prudent choice than the use of a pesticide. The implementation of these practices and many more are part of a sequence, or checklist of procedures we often employ, and are referred to in our industry as IPM (Integrated Pest Management).


Our client will not have to compromise their family nor them self to dangerous chemicals and needless exposure when far less hazardous alternatives may apply. There are natural materials such as diatomaceous earth or orthoboric acid that, when used properly, can be effective in helping eliminate almost any insect problem you may encounter. We will provide the knowledge and expertise to use these materials to their fullest potential. The fact is, pest management is not just about what pesticide or material is chosen, it’s about a trained and licensed professional understanding the habits and biology of the pest in question, then choosing the most effective technique and/or plan to eradicate or prevent a problem.


We believe in a more conservative approach to pest management. For example, after identifing and eradicating an active interior infestation, we can often provide exterior preventative maintenance, on a semi-regular basis, eliminating the need for ever treating the interior again. Why not eliminate the problem at its source and implement preventative procedures rather than perpetually treating the interior only to “mask” the problem and present needless risk of continual pesticide exposure. In addition, Eco-Sound will not encourage interior applications if it is not necessary. If upon our initial evaluation and inspection of a property it is believed a problem can be controlled from the exterior only, we will advise as such. No “up charge” for unnecessary and ill advised interior applications.



Our first objective in determining a course of action where pesticides are being considered is always to choose the safest, most effective material, depending on the circumstance. However, we are not “eco-centric”.  Meaning, if a situation lends itself, and with our clients’ consent, we may consider other options including the use of a stronger toxicity material.